Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saw this somewhere

A. Available: No
B. Birthday: 25th July 1995
C. Crushing on: Adrienne ♥♥
D. Drink you last had: Water
E. Easiest person to talk to: Liane 
F. Favorite song: Let me hold you 
G. Grossest memory: Watching a video of someone from Brisbane lick bird poo off a table for $50 
H. Hometown: Brisbane
I. In love with: Adrii, Alice, Sandra, Salina, Sophia, Melisa
J. Jealous of: Way too many people to name :(
K. Killed someone: ????????????? LOL
L. Longest friendship: Melisa Chang! Almost 12 years
M. Milkshake flavour: Strawberry
N. Number of siblings: 1
O. One wish: To be incredibly motivated
P. Person who you last called: Mum 
Q. Question you're asked the most:
R. Reason to smile: Food
S. Song you last sang: Icebox 
T. Time you wake up: On weekdays, 8:15
U. Underwear color: For me to know and you to never find out
V. Violent moment: Don't think I've ever had a notable one
W. Worst habit: Forgetting important things
X. X-ray you had: For braces!
Y. Your last time you cried: When I rewatched Mulan II a month ago TT"
Z. Zodiac sign: Leo

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